11 Things To Do This Summer

11 Things To Do This Summer

Summer is here, start planning. Make a to-do list. This may seem like a crazy idea, but not all lists are strictly for work purposes. Lists can be fun. Decide what it is you want to do this summer, write it down, and then once fulfilled, tick that bad boy off. There’s no greater satisfaction than ticking something off your to-do list, so make sure you plan ahead before the nice weather disappears!

11 Things To Do This Summer

One | Be a tourist. Whether this is in the city you’ve lived all your life, or if you plan on discovering somewhere new, don’t let hidden gems go a miss by assuming your home town doesn’t have any. Take your camera out for the day and explore the places you may well have forgotten existed.

Two | Enjoy a picnic. Gather up some tasty treats and head to your local park with friends or loved ones. When the weather is nice, it’s the perfect excuse to go for a stroll and if there’s food involved, well that’s just a bonus!

Three | Learn a new craft. The summer months are the perfect excuse to learn a new craft. Whether you’re new to the world of art or not, everyone should enjoy some creative time once in a while.

Four | Read a book. So many of us haven’t read a book in years. I’m guilty of it myself. After the mountain of books I had to read for uni, I sort of gave up on the idea of reading for fun. But that should change. Immerse yourself in a classic novel or re-read one of your old favourites. And if intense reading isn’t your thing, then there’s always a good magazine you can sink your teeth into.

Five | Host a BBQ. Summer nights are perfect for hosting a BBQ and they’re a great way of getting everyone you love together to chat, drink and have lots of fun.

Six | Have a movie night. Invite a group of friends round and host a movie night. Gather up the popcorn, sweet treats and drinks and binge watch your favourite movies together, or why not discover some new titles you’ve never seen before? Ask each friend to bring a movie of their choice and watch each one throughout the night.

Seven | Enjoy a day at the beach. Beach days don’t have to be reserved for abroad holidays, so make sure you make the effort to visit a nearby haven one summer’s day. You simply can’t beat an ice cream by the sea!

Eight | Go strawberry picking. There’ll be no greater feeling tucking into a handful of freshly picked fruit this summer. Find your nearest strawberry picking farm or why not grow your own?

Nine | Row a boat. Relax and unwind with a trip along a river by rowing a boat.

Ten | Visit a castle. Have a cultural day and visit a nearby castle to discover more about the history of your local area.

Eleven | Go to an outdoor cinema. You’ve probably noticed a few of these popping up in and around where you live and that’s because they’ve made a come back in 2016 and we couldn’t be happier about it. The modern take on a drive-up big screen is sure to be a massive hit this summer.


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