9 Homes For Creative People

We all want to make our home as unique as possible, and we think these creative minds have achieved crafty heaven!

1. Cross-stitch wall decor

Show off your true love of stitching with a painted cross-stitch design on your walls.

2. Sewing table

Transform an old machine table into a fabulous new bathroom accessory.

3. Colour pop

Use colourful wallpaper to decorate a tired chest of drawers.

4. Pretty staircase

Or perhaps your stairs?

5. Liberty love

Express your fabric passion and create a stitch lamp featuring your favourite haberdashery!

6. Crochet crazy

Add colour to your home with crochet accents like this throw.

7. Wall quotes

Make decorative wall pieces with pins and embroidery thread.

8. Stitchy decor

Use a giant pegboard to create this cross-stitch wall décor.

9. Hanging art

Hang your works of art onto a blank wall too add a colour pop to your home.

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