Guys’ Guide To Surviving Fabric Shopping

So, we’re all guilty of dragging our man around the local fabric or haberdashery shop, right? I’m lucky in the fact I have met the love of my life and he totally understands the hobby I have, and dare I say my passion is actually one of the reasons he fell in love with me. But, that doesn’t mean a fabric shopping trip is top of his to-do list, so here’s his guide on how to survive the ordeal…


1 If she likes the fabric, you like the fabric. Simple. A nod in agreement will do.

yes dear

2 Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, question the intended use for said fabric. It’s pretty and that’s a good enough reason to purchase. (Note: acting as excited as she is will earn you brownie points!)


3 No, that isn’t like the load she bought last week. This is completely different and totally needs to be included in her stash.

giphy (1)

4 No, you’re not bored!

giphy (2)

5 There’s a strong chance you will lose each other, you will find yourself looking like Mr Bean waving from a far.

giphy (3)

6 You may break something… look innocent and walk away…

giphy (4)

7 When she says “shall we go?”, be subtle!

giphy (5)

8 There’s usually a cafe at the end.

giphy (6)

9 whilst she’s crafting away, just think of all the extra activities you can do!

giphy (7)

10 If you bump into another guy being dragged around… sympathise, know his pain!

giphy (8)

11 You’ve spent a day doing her “thing” now a day doing yours, it’s only fair… right?

giphy (9)

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